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Naturally Beautiful. Tailored to your window

In any room, the use of light and colours defines the whole setting and ambiance. The windows and how you frame the light sets the tone for your home. Our Timber shutters are designed to emphasise the natural characteristics of your window while maintaining light, privacy and airflow. Each shutter panel is custom made with care to fit your window with precision, and lends a timeless elegance to any room.

Our polymer collection is created with design and functionality in mind. With a wide range of design and colour options, we allow you to create the perfect look for your space. They are both stylish and functional. By adjusting the blades you can regulate the level of light, privacy and airflow, without compromise. In addition our polymer shutters have great insulating properties, in summer they keep the heat out, and in winter the warmth in.


Sustainability, design and quality, that is what defines our timber shutter collection. Our shutters are manufactured from only the highest quality timber. Timber shutters are the most versatile in our range, and create an elegant and warm ambiance in any room of your home or office.

Available in 14 standard colours and 15 standard stained colours. Special colours are also available.

In our timber collection we have Western Red Cedar with its natural red-brown colours which lend opulence to any interior or exterior space. The unique open wood grain of our Paulownia shutters which allows you to bring a rustic or Hampton style into your home. Finally our Premium Basswood and White Teak complete our collection with its versatility.


Visually indistinguishable from timber and resilient to moisture and humidity. Our polymer shutters are crafted with our own superior formulated polymer with an aluminium core.

This unique composition ensures that our shutters maintain their elegance and quality even when exposed to humidity. Our special coating gives them a silky finish and makes them suitable for any indoor or outdoor space.

Whether exposed to moisture or differing temperatures our polymer shutters maintain their shape, colour and shine. This is what distinguishes our polymer shutters from the rest. These features make them ideal for bathrooms, kitchens or any other room. With our polymer shutters you combine design with functionality.


Robust and resistant to the Australian weather, without compromising on elegance. That is what defines our Aluminium shutters.

They provide a perfect balance of design, privacy and functionality, and enable you to create the perfect look for any window or facade of your home or office.

Also available in shaped options, or choose our cedar replica look to create a more natural appearance for your outdoor space. Our aluminium shutters are durable and made of the highest quality T5 grade aluminium. Even when exposed to harsh weather conditions, our aluminium shutters maintain their form and stylish appearance.

Sturdy, functional and an elegant solution for your outdoor areas. Our aluminium shutters are custom-made from the highest quality materials and have a special powder coating that makes them scratch resistant. Optional locks are available for your peace of mind. Our aluminium shutters are the perfect solution for any outdoor space.

Paulownia wood
The paulownia wood poses many exceptional properties that allows it to be used in many ways. Paulownia timber main characteristics are:

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