Basswood Shutters

Basswood Shutters have become one of the most widely used materials for shutters in the global market

This is due to its resistance to warping, easy workability and its acceptance of a variety of finishes.

Basswood is a member of the hardwood family. The use of Basswood for musical instruments including guitars and piano soundboards reinforces its properties as a stable and reliable timber.

We recommend Premium Basswood for its stability, uniform colouring and resistance to warping. The grade-A basswood in these shutters is a strong yet lightweight material harvested as a renewable resource, making it very eco-friendly.

This product comes in 22 different colours and wood stains. However, to get the most of our basswood shutters, it’s recommended that you protect your windows from extreme exposure to sunlight and not install these shutters in wet areas such as the bathroom.

white basswood shutters from Cobb and Co Blinds

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