EcoSmart Shutters

EcoSmart shutters are a great choice for those with young children as they are Child Safe and cord-free.

Compared to traditional timber shutters, EcoSmart shutters are more durable, provide more insulation and UV protection. EcoSmart Shutters contain an aluminium insert that provides more strength and stiffness. In addition, is easy to clean and repair without the need for harsh chemicals or outside assistance.

Customers can also choose to customise these shutters to have a block out or hidden pinion rack, thus maximising their stylish appearance.

Our EcoSmart Shutters are best described as PVC extruded shutter able to withstand temperatures up to 65 degrees Celsius. It is water resistant making it an ideal product for wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

In every EcoSmart shutter style, there is a reinforced aluminium square tube that strengthens the overall structure of the shutter and reduces the weight of the shutter, thus ensuring long-term stability of the panel.

Advantages of EcoSmart Shutters

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